Saturday, June 11, 2011

Water Hose Limbo!!

Summer can get hot... why not cool off in a new way and have some fun with your tiny human?

What You Need

A water hose!
A squirt nozzle attached to the water hose
An adult to hold the water hose
A grass or other soft surface
Portable tape, CD or MP3 player and music (optional)

How to Play Water Hose Limbo

1. Attach the squirt nozzle attachment to the water hose.

2. If you choose to play music, set up the tape, CD or MP3 player in a location that is out of the way of the water stream.

3. An adult squirts the water stream so that the water stream creates a limbo pole. The adult holds the squirt nozzle so that the water limbo pole is high enough for all of the preschoolers to walk under the water limbo pole without getting wet.

4. Preschoolers take turns walking under the water limbo pole until each preschooler has had a turn.

5. The adult lowers the water limbo pole a few inches so that some preschoolers must duck their head or squat a little to walk under the water limbo pole. All preschoolers take a turn with the water limbo pole at the same level.

6. Continue to lower the water limbo pole each time that all preschoolers have had a turn to pass under the water limbo pole.

Variations of Water Hose Limbo

Animal Limbo - Combine Water Hose Limbo with Animal Limbo for a fun outdoor party game for preschoolers.

Party Themed Limbo – Adapt Water Hose Limbo challenges to work with a party theme. If you’re having a pirate party for preschoolers, call out limbo tasks with a pirate theme such as “walk under the plank” and “duck under the pirate sword”.

Tips for Preschoolers Playing Limbo

Don’t Eliminate Players – Focus preschool games on trying out ideas and having fun. When kids get eliminated, they don’t get to keep exercising. Keep all preschoolers in the game and keep the activity focused on fun and fitness.

Allow Different Limbo Positions
- Many preschoolers can’t limbo in the traditional limbo position. Adapt the game so that preschoolers can be successful. Allow preschoolers to try out different ways to pass under the stream of water. 

Activity resource: 

Illinois Early Learning Standards:
12.D.EC Describe the effects of forces in nature (e.g. wind, gravity and magnetism).
32.A.ECa Begin to understand and follow rules.
32.B.ECa Engage in cooperative group play.
32.B.ECb Begin to share materials and experiences and take turns.
19.A.ECa Engage in active play using gross motor skills.

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