Friday, June 10, 2011

Painting: Computer Style

I had the pleasure of spending some one-on-one time with a child at our agency this evening as she was the last child to be picked up and the teacher had something to finish... I quickly volunteered to hang out with this child, who shall from here on out be known as Boop (my nickname for her).

We sat at the desk and Boop noticed on one of the blog posts I had up that there was a painting of a rainbow.  She asked if I had painted it.  I was quite proud and confirmed that I had and then asked if she was interested in making a painting of her own.  We began this adventure by exploring how to change the color on our paintbrush.  Once Boop mastered this task, she was ready to go!  She exclaimed over the different colors and how the lines worked.  There was some serious conversation about lines and shapes.

Boop is working hard, using lots of colors and lines.
After she felt 'finished' with her painting, Boop told me the story of her picture. 

Boop's masterpiece

I began to write the story that Boop dictated and after I was done, she said she wanted to write the story too...

Look at that determination! 

The finished story.

Boop's Story:
"You climb up the stairs, then you're in the house.  The monster eats you!  The monster feels much better, but then the shark ate the monster!  It's a spooky place and there's wolves there.  There's crocodiles and sharks.  There's a balloon and the crocodile is going to pop the balloon."

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