Ms. DanL

Greetings from Ms. DanL!

Umm, your name is Danielle, why are you spelling it "DanL?"

Let me take you on an adventure my darlings, to the merry land of 1/2 day Head Start where I first met the child who would change my understanding of & approach to teaching.  His name is Julian and he was what some might call a "challenging child."  I would be so bold as to call him something else -- a child.  With some special rights within the educational system that his mother would later feel empowered (!!!) to demand were met.

But I digress.

There we were, getting ready for snack and Julian turns to me and says, "Uhhhhhhh, Ms. DanL?"  I wish I could remember exactly what his query was but does it matter?  I had earned my nickname.  It's been with me since then and the memory of that child and his unique temperament and learning style are a part of the memory.

Each child is different -- though competent and capable to explore the world surrounding them.  Our job as teachers is to build a strong foundation of social emotional security and mental health that allows children to do this very important work, or what others might call play.

I view myself as an early childhood warrior whose purpose is to support teachers & parents in their very important work of supporting children to reach developmental milestones in early childhood settings.  And beyond. I have discovered how much I love supporting teachers & am eager to continue offering professional development to support them.

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