Monday, June 13, 2011

Love and Nature

There's just something special about being outside; soaking up the sunshine and fresh air.  Add a tiny human to the mix and suddenly you can't help but notice and appreciate the little things right along with them.  A perfect example can be seen here.  The littlest things catch their eye and what should be a brief walk between Point A and Point B turns into an extended lesson -- if you follow their lead.  I encourage you to do this, maybe not every time, but on occasion.  Get down on their level and be present in the moment with them!

And why not bring some of the great outdoors inside with you?  You could give your tiny human a bag for collecting treasures outside and bring them back inside to explore.  My favorite choice for this is a muffin tin.  Yep, you read this correctly... a good ol' fashioned muffin tin!  There's nothing better for classifying materials.  After a trip to the beach, you could sort seashells by color, size, or shape.  If your tiny human has an eye for "jewels" (rocks to the lay person), why not bring them inside and do some classifying?!  No special equipment required.  When it comes to exploring with children, keep it simple!!!

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