Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Calm in the midst of chaos

Such a valid question in the early childhood education sector along with every other!  We all feel stress and chaos, but this question was targeted at teachers of children birth thru 5.  What do we do when start to feel overwhelmed?  This applies in the classroom, as a baby's cries can sometimes be like nails on a chalkboard, but also to the climate of the profession as a whole.

As a Wisconsinite turned Chicagoan, I can't express enough how heartbreaking it is to see how chaotic life has become in Wisconsin.  My teacher friends are fearing for their jobs while still being expected to put on a happy face for their students!  Could you do it?  I'm not sure if I could. 

Stand tall and proud my fellow ECE professionals, some day we will be respected as much as doctors and lawyers (I can say that because my brother is in law school and my mom says we're both important people).  We just have to continue to make our voices heard.  

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