Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Admit it

There's some scent in your life that stops you dead in your tracks & takes you to another place, time, or emotion.  If you said no, you're lying. 

Delicious, no?

I had a flashback to preschool twice this month.  Once while frequenting the South Loop Target as I tend to do (too frequently) and another while sitting in a preschool classroom with children.  Different scents, same place in time.  The first was "Elmer's Paste" and the other was a box of new Crayola crayons (the 48 pack, which, consequently, I was never allowed to get for school because 'the list says 24').  Immediately flashed to my kindergarten classroom (circa 1990) and the teacher freaking out because Tommy (how fitting was that name!?) was under his table eating paste.  The crayons reminded me of kindergarten because for my birthday (September) I always got school supplies. And it made me the happiest child on the planet.  There's a home video of me at my 5th birthday party opening a box filled with nothing but school supplies. 

What are the fragrances of your life, preschool and beyond?  Are there times you literally stop what you're doing and inhale deeply to reflect on that time?  I know you do, just asking...

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