Monday, February 18, 2013

Motivational Monday: Organization

I pride myself on being semi-well-organized.  I love to file things and because of my background in Head Start, I am a binder fiend.

I started my position as Site Director in May and have been moving non-stop ever since.  And I mean that.  There hasn't been a dull moment or a "Hey, what do I do next?!" moment or even hesitation... we just keep moving right along!  My office has become a bit of a dumping ground.  When partial orders arrive, I stash the first part in my office so I can deliver the entire order to the staff and better track what I've given them.  Our RIF (Reading Is Fundamental) books arrived for the month, I stashed the box in my office to get it out of the way and as a reminder that I need to plan a semi-fabulous literacy activity for our families this month.  Things have quickly accumulated and I have been too busy to notice care do something organize.

Today I spent most of my day in the classrooms.  This isn't unusual but since we're currently mid home visit season, I'm needed more than usual.  Perhaps it was the time away from the office that pushed me.  Or the spring-like weather.  Or filling in my March calendar.  Who cares?!

I organized.

If loving organization is wrong, I don't want to be right.

I finally started to do the things I meant to do in May when I took this position.  I reorganized the file cabinet to make it fit my filing system.  I went through the piles (and I mean piles) of paperwork on my desk and found things I had been meaning to follow up on (AND DID!!!) and everything quickly found a home.  Somewhere to belong.

Ladies & gentlemen, I found my desk today.

I cleared that baby off and man, it looks good!

Today was a great reminder that we need to take some time to make our lives feel more organized. The world of early childhood is unpredictable and ever-changing.  But having a system that keeps you sane?  Priceless.  So I spent about an hour of my own time, past when I wanted to leave -- okay, I really wanted to leave at about noon but no one would hear of such a thing -- and let myself clean up.

The best part?  I think tomorrow when I arrive, I'll be inspired to keep going!  And maybe even tackle the "stuff to get done" list that I refined this evening!


No, I don't have time to organize that closet. I'm too busy pinning organization ideas on Pinterest.
Ugh!  I always find the BEST ideas online and never take the time to follow through!
Now's the time to start!

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