Monday, February 4, 2013

A lunch break?

That's crazy talk!

We carefully plan our schedule for each day to make sure that teachers have time for lunch breaks.  We do full hour lunches so teachers can use that time to get things done that they might not otherwise be able to, given their work and school schedules.  This means that someone needs to join the classroom to allow that fabulous teacher to step out.

On the perfect day, it's another teacher from a neighboring classroom.  Every other day, it's me or one of our  other team members.  Lunch times are sacred as well they should be; they are a chance to refresh and cleanse before returning to the classroom.  Anyone who has a child, knows a child, read a book about a child, has seen a child in public, or is a human being can tell you that children under the age of three are hard work.  They require lots of love and attention and the crying?  Yeesh.  These teachers have earned their time away!

Here's my point of breaking:

12:00 Teacher is scheduled to start break
12:01 If that person hasn't stepped in yet, the classroom teacher calls the front desk asking "When am I going to get my break?!"


I totally understand your right and desire to step out.  I do.  There's no part of me that wants you in the classroom for 9 hours straight -- that's just crazy-making.  But there are 9 teachers in this building and everyone has to break around the same time and meanwhile, we're trying to get things done at the front office to ensure we stay in business.  That paycheck you like so much (well, not so much, we all know you're underpaid and deserve WAY more)?  Is a result of what we're doing that makes us 2 minutes late getting to your door.  But don't worry, we're coming.

I think it's easy to get wrapped up in one side of the story.  No one comes to make sure I take my break.  No one makes sure that I'm eating lunch at a human-like time (because lunch at 4pm is technically dinner).  Take a deep breath, my fine teaching friends, and remember, we're all human and we're all in this together.

Give me the benefit of at least 5 minutes.  Then you can call.

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