Friday, January 27, 2012

Water Play Tools for Less than $1

I have been able to find (most of) these items at our local dollar store or other places like Goodwill for children to experiment or explore while visiting the water table in all of our classrooms for birth-age 5.  

Ms. DanL's Top 20 Water Play Manipulatives:

1.      Whisk
2.      Funnel
3.      Colander
4.      Spoons
5.      Small cups
6.      Tubes
7.      Corks
8.      Tongs
9.      Measuring cups
10.  Sponges
11.  Aquarium nets
12.  Measuring spoons
13.  Aquarium nets
14.  Eyedroppers
15.  Plastic squeeze bottles
16.  Water wheel
17.  Spray bottles
18.  Sea shells
19.  Pebbles
20.  Paint brushes

Where do you find materials for open-ended investigations at the water table?

What's your favorite material for use in the water table?

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