Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dabbling in the 5th Edition [Creative Curriculum Style]

The many delegate agencies of DFSS (Department of Family Support Services) recently came into the good fortune of having the 5th edition of the Creative Curriculum system purchased for each preschool classroom.

The Creative Curriculum is fantastic as it is encourages classroom teachers to plan around the interests of young children through concrete experiences.  The newest edition is amazing as well ... however, I do have some reservations about the system.  The system includes the 5 books and parent resources, e-books for the teachers to send home, and a classroom library of about 75 books.  It has the potential to be a powerful tool.  My concern is that this new system comes with study guides, similar to the study starters of the previous editions, which are quite... planned?  Laid out?  Scripted?  I'm not sure how to describe it, but there is almost a prescribed day-to-day format within each study.  I love the notion of studies with young children as it allows them to construct deeper relationships with the material or topic.  I don't want my teachers to feel that they have to do only these topics or follow the tiemline as it's dictated in the system.


My plan for this coming month is to sit down with my preschool teachers and talk about studies in preschool and what a quality study should look like and how to begin, investigate, and celebrate their studies with children.  I don't want to discourage, but I also don't want the teachers to be limited.

What are some of the studies that you've done with preschoolers (or younger)?  How did you begin the study?

Wish me luck!!

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