Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The verdict from licensing

I got to work Friday and was super anxious about getting a response from our licensing rep, knowing that she holds the power and if she didn't support my quest, it was pretty much time to come up with a solid Plan B.  I am the proud owner of a new purple bruise on my knee as I stood up entirely too quickly and bashed my knee into my desk in a rush to share the good news with my Birth to Three Education Coordinator.  It hurt like hell but was quickly forgotten in the heat of the moment.

Our rep shared her concerns and a forewarning that's not what she would do but that I am allowed to group the children 6 weeks through 2 years however I'd like.  And if I take that route, I need to include a detailed plan and can only have 1:4 teacher:child ratio.  Sometimes, I think people forget that Early Head Start already requires those ratios and my Birth to Three classrooms are capped at an enrollment of 8 already. I'm golden!

I just have to find the right way to share my vision with our Executive Director, Program Director, and the Board of Directors.  I hope that they can see the benefits of the vision and get past any obstacles, as they will only be obstacles for a short period of time while the benefits will last well into the future.

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